SILK PLASTER is a reliable high quality wall finishing material that will serve for years to come. A large range of colors and textures will help to create the most beautiful interior of your walls and ceilings, while sound and insulation properties will add comfort to your home!


Preparing the base

  • 1: The surface should be dry, smooth, clean, monochrome white, stain and dust free.
  • 2: The prepared surface must be treated with a deep penetration primer.
  • 3: Then apply 2 layers of silk plaster primer with longitudinal transverse movements allowing drying time of 24 hours in between the layers. Silk PLASTER can be applied 24 hours after the application of the last layer of primer.

Preparing the material

  • 4: In a plastic container pour clean water without sediment and impurities, room temperature (20-25 degrees Celsius). The amount of water is indicated on the packaging.
  • 5: The contents of the packaging are poured into the water. If desired, add glitters and/or decorative additives, evenly distributing them over the surface. NOTE: All types of glitters and additives are purchased separately
  • 6: Mix the material thoroughly by hand (to avoid the formation of clumps of glue). Some materials need to be stirred using a drill with a mixer nozzle – see the sign on the packaging.
    * Partial mixing of the package is not allowed!
    * If you need several SILK PLASTER packages, mix them at once.
    * One wall (surface) should be completely covered with material from the same mix.
  • 7: Put the soaked material in a plastic bag and soak for 12 hours.


  • 8: Before applying, mix the material thoroughly by hand. Some materials need to be stirred using a drill with a mixer nozzle.
  • 9: In small portions apply the finished material from one kneading evenly throughout the surface using the plastic trowel.
    * After 1-2 hours smooth the surface with the trowel, wetting it in the water.
    * The material should be used within 48 hours of soaking.
    * The air temperature in the room should be no lower than 15 degrees Celsius, the humidity should be not more than 70%.
  • 10: To increase durability, as well as for the possibility of wet cleaning, cover the surface with SILK PLASTER branded varnish.

Composition: textile and cellulose fibers, decorative and mineral additives, adhesive.
Expire date: not limited, if the package is sealed.
Storage: Keep in a dry place with temperatures
(Min: 5 max: 40 degrees Celsius), away from the sun lights.